Tractor Toy Review – Big Farm John Deere 7430 Premium with Duals

Big Farm 7430 John Deere with DualsI know many of you have been waiting, wondering when I was going to do a tractor toy review on what is arguably the most popular tractor brand inside the United States, if not the world. I am, of course talking about John Deere. This review is covering one of their most popular models, the 7430 Premium.

My son was very excited one Christmas when he opened his gift from one of my wife’s Aunt and Uncle. When he first saw his new tractor toy, his eyes lit up and he found his Papa (that’s what he calls his Grandpa) and very excitedly told him with a huge smile that it was just like his tractor! You may be wondering what his Papa has, it is a 7230. So he mostly right, the 7430 is mostly identical to the 7230.

One of his favorite parts is the dual wheels that this tractor comes with. After he got it home he would take it outside and push it around in the snow. He was so excited that he wasn’t just leaving tractor tracks, he was leaving dual tractor tracks. That kept him entertained for quite a while.

Then he figured out that the duals come off the tractor. He starts having me take the duals off and then put them back on again. I did that quite a few times, until he found out that his dual wheels can go on his other Big Farm tractors. Those John Deere yellow wheels have been on all of his tractors. My son does not care what color the tractor is, he will have me put those duals on any one of them.


Big Farm John Deere 7430 Premium with DualsJohn Deere 7430

As with all my other reviews, we are going to look at Functionality, Durability, Realism and Affordability. We will grade this farm toy in a 1 to 10 scale, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Functionality means how much of the toy is usable. For example, do the doors open, does the steering wheel work, can you hook attachments to it, etc.

Durability is how much abuse the toy can take. It will look at type of materials used to build the farm toy and also how well it has held up to my son’s abuse.

Realism will take a look at how much the toy represents the real life tractors and equipment. Does it look like a tractor, does it sound like a tractor?

Affordability is based on the cost of the farm toy. Higher score means it is more affordable and a lower score will reflect a higher price for the toy.

An important point I want you to know. I do not work for or am I affiliated with Ertl Big Farm in any way, this review is my opinion and is based on what I have seen after months of ruff play with these tractor toys. Alright, lets get started!


This Big Farm toy has an opening hood, and a removable front weight. There are two buttons on top of the cab that turn the lights on and makes a tractor engine noise or a reverse alarm noise, depending on which one you press. The batteries are in the roof of the cab and are accessible by removing the cab. You will need a Philips screw driver to get the battery cover off.

The front axle has suspension and is steerable. Inside the cab is the steering wheel and is easily accessible, even for an adult. The steering works very well, it turns very easy. My son really enjoys that, makes him feel like he really is driving the tractor, when he can use the steering wheel.
Working suspension

It comes with the standard Big Farm rear hitch that can hook up Ertl Big Farm, classic Ertl die-cast and Bruder farm toy implements. I really love that Big Farm allows you to use all those different implements from all those brands of toys.

My son’s favorite dual wheels which come off with a twist. To remove them you hold the wheel that is attached to the tractor still and turn the dual clockwise to unlock it. When you install the dual wheel you do the same thing as removing except you turn the when counter-clockwise to lock it.

One note about the duals. You may be get sand in the duals, it freezes them up and it is very hard to twist them off. It is almost as hard as when you stack five gallon pails together and then try to pull Dual wheelthem apart. I am not lying to you right now! So if your child wants to bring their toy to the sand box, take the duals off first!

The tractor comes with the right hookups for a front loader as well, but the loader does not come with this tractor, it is sold separately.

For Functionality, I am giving this toy a decent 8 out of 10.


This tractor toy is made from high quality plastics that all the Ertl Big Farm toys are made from. This toy has taken the biggest beating out of all of his farm toys. This toy has fell down the basement stairs and somethings did break, one mirror came off and the exhaust stack is no longer attached to the cab. The windshield does have a small crack in it as well.
The damage from falling down the stairs

Other than that, the toy was fine. That is a real testament to the quality that Ertl puts into their Big Farm toys. While these toys are plastic, they are anything but fragile. It is a very solid tractor toy and because of that it gets a solid 8 out of 10 for Durability.


The John Deere 7430 is very detailed for its price point. The decals look like they belong on the tractor, they are just like the real thing. Open the hood and you will find a very detailed engine, you can see the alternator, AC compressor, turbo and air filter just to name a few.

The front grill doe not look too bad. Design is right, I just like when they have a mesh texture to them and this grill is smooth. Headlights are raised out of the grill and have a mesh feel and look to them, which doesn’t really make sense to me.

On the inside of the cab is surprisingly detailed. You can see knobs and levers on the dash. You may be are familiar with the real life cab, you can see where the remotes are on the arm rest. The throttle is visible as well as a loader stick.

By just looking at this tractor, you can easily tell that it is an 7030 series tractor. There is no mistaken that. Any child who has one of these tractor toys will be able to spot the real life counterparts.

This toy gets an 8 out of 10 for Realism.
What a brand new 7430 toy looks like


We have seen that this tractor toy comes with great features, good durability and does a good job of looking like the real thing. This tractor toy does a good job of living up to Big Farms motto “Just like the real thing, only smaller.” Right now, the best deal is $34.99 U.S. dollars. That is on Amazon and only six are left at the time of this article. This is a good deal. As long as it stays at that price, I am giving John Deere toy a 9 out of 10 for affordability.
Let’s take a quick look at the scores again.                                                                          

Functionality – 8 out of 10                                                                                  

Durability – 8 out of 10

Realism – 8 out of 10

Affordability – 9 out of 10

Those are very good scores, if you have been thinking about a John Deere Big Farm toy, look no further then this one.

Last Words

I hope you have found this review helpful. That is what I want to accomplish by writing these toy tractor reviews. I want to help you make an informed decision when buying farm toys.

Did you like this article? Did you find it helpful?

Please let me know in the comments! Also, make sure to follow me on social media for updates on more reviews!







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  1. Vanessa says:

    Oh wow, This tractor toy looks like the real deal and is affordable too.
    I guess my nephew will love it.
    Thanks Dan.

  2. Karen says:

    Dan, this is a great resource for parents looking to buy farm toys, or for beginning collectors. Great Job.

  3. Patsy says:

    Hi Dan,

    John Deere is popular in Canada where I am as well. They have the quality in all of their products and these tractors are well priced.

    My Granddaugher is close to being 4 years old and loves tractors. It’s great how this one has the dual wheels that can go on other Big Farm tractors.This would make a great Christmas or Birthday gift for her. I will have to mention this to my daughter who actually had the idea of getting her one now that she is a bit older. Using it in the snow sounds like a lot of fun.

    Thanks for your thorough review!


    • Dan says:

      Thank you so much for referring me to your daughter! I am sure that your granddaughter would love this toy! My son loved playing with it in the snow! He had the time of his life out in the snow. I am glad you enjoyed my article.
      Thanks for reading and commenting,

  4. Thierry says:

    Nice article. Very easy to read through . Thanks for the information.

  5. Matiss says:

    Hey, Dan!

    Yeah, man, it’s such a great article. I might unconventional, but I’m going to get one for my daughter. She’s been showing some true interest in cars and tractors (both toy and real world).
    And thank you for the detailed review, I deeply appreciate it!

    Cheers and have a Great Day!

    P.S. I’ll definitely remember your heads up on the duals and sand. Thank you!

    • Dan says:

      That is awesome! I know your daughter will love her new toy! My wife had tractor toys of her own when she was a kid. I love that your daughter is into car and tractors!
      Thank you for commenting and make sure to follow me by clicking on one of the social media buttons that are just above the comments!
      Thanks again,

  6. Matts Mom says:

    I can tell you this is most definitely a great toy for young boys. My son has one that he has had for probably 10 years now, and something he will keep for his own kids. It is durable, tough and definitely long lasting. So a great review of a great toy! Most would think $35 is too much, but it is well worth it as it will last a lifetime!

    • Dan says:

      Yes they will last a long time! The score for affordability is taking into account how long the toy should last and all the features it comes with. I didn’t think $35 dollars was that bad of a price for what you get. Thanks,

  7. Michael Gore says:

    That’s awesome!

    I can’t believe the detail on it.

    In the first image it looks like a real tractor and I didn’t realise it was a toy.

    The durability (compared to price) of the item is great for kids who will probably just bash it around.


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