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Boley Farm TractorsThe phrase I heard the most from parents when talking about their children is this, “They sure do grow up fast”! I would always nod in understanding, say something along the lines of, “I’m sure they do” and I would walk away thinking that I understood how fast children grew up.

I now have my own children. My youngest turned one year a few weeks ago and my oldest just turned four. It was just the other day that my oldest started walking and my youngest was under ten pounds. So how are they already four and one? WHERE DID THE TIME GO!?!

I now know what all those parents meant when they told me that time goes by fast. In reality, time goes at warp speed. I swear that just a few weeks ago, I was holding them as little newborns. Now one of them is running around, laughing and yelling with the other crawling as fast as he can go after him.

This brings me to the toy tractor review. My wife and I invited a bunch of family and friends over for my son’s birthday party. Their birthdays are only a few days apart and with the youngest only turning one, we decided to throw one big party for the two of them.

The oldest boy is in love with tractors and his little brother is showing the same interest in them. Being in a farming community and that everyone knows of their love for tractors, they accumulated a fair number of tractor toys. The youngest received his first tractor toys. He got one tractor that was simply called “Farm Tractor” by Boley. The other tractor was an      ” Action Force Tractor” by Action Toys.

If you have read any of my other articles you will know that I mainly write about Ertl Big Farm and Burder farm toys. When my youngest received his Boley farm tractor, I decided to do a review on it. So lets dive into it!

The Boley Farm Tractor Review

In this review we will look at Functionality, Durability, Realism and Affordability. Everything will be graded in a 1 to 10 scale. 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Functionality means how much of the toy is usable. For example, do the doors open, does the steering wheel work, can you hook attachments to it, etc.

Durability is how much abuse the toy can take. It will look at type of materials used to build the farm toy and also how well it has held up to my son’s abuse.

Realism will take a look at how much the toy represents the real life tractors. Does it look like a tractor, does it sound like a tractor are some of the questions we will ask.

Affordability is based on the cost of the tractor toy. Higher score means it is more affordable and a lower score will reflect a higher price for the toy.

I want to say one thing before we get started. I do not work for or am I affiliated with Boley Toys in any way, this review is my opinion and is based on what I have seen after a month of ruff play with these tractor toys. OK, now that we have that out of the way, lets start!


My son loves to be able to steer his tractor using the steering wheel inside the cab. This is one of the biggest downfalls of the Boley tractor. The front axle is rigid, it does not steer and has no suspension. My oldest had a puzzled look on his face when he first started playing with it. He look at me and asked “How do we steer, daddy?” I just told him that the tractor didn’t steer.

Non-steerable front axleNo rear hitch!

There is one larger disadvantage to this tractor then no steering and that is not having a hitch. There is no way to attach any sort of implement to this tractor. Also, the doors to the cab do not open and the hood does not lift up.

The only parts that are movable are fold out mirrors and flip up strobe lights. There is a silver button on the hood which turns on the head lights and makes tractor engine sounds. These are the only functioning parts of this tractor. As a result I am going to give the Boley Farm tractor a low 3 out of 10 for Functionality.


This is where this tractor toy really shines. This toy is made out of high quality plastics and it really does feel solid. There is a metal bar that is used for the front and rear axles, which makes it very sturdy.

Now the real world test. My oldest son decided he was going to push his brother’s tractor toy as fast as he could go, and crashed it in to the wall. Now believe me when I tell you that it sounded bad, really bad. The toy made a loud crunch sound. I looked it over I couldn’t believe that I could not find anything broken. No cracks, no pieces missing, and the light and sounds work.

There is a rattle on the inside when you rock it up and down. So something did break on the inside, but you would never know by looking on the outside of it. So I am going to give this farm toy a solid 8 out of 10 for Durability.


Not much for detail

There is no doubt that this is a toy tractor. It looks like it could be a real tractor, it has a fuel tank, exhaust stack, lights in the right places. The cab has some good detail in it, you can see a joystick, knobs, buttons, cup holders and more.

Aside from those things, fine detail is not there on this toy tractor. That may have something to do with the toy not being modeled after a real brand. This tractor sort of looks like a Claas and a Fendt tractor got combined. While you instantly know that this is a tractor just by looking at it, there is not much detail to admire. This tractor toy gets a 5 out of 10 for detail.


The Boley Farm Tractor toy is very reasonably priced. At the time of this article, Amazon is selling them for 19 U.S. dollars. You not only get the tractor, but you also get a fence set and two straw bales.

So for the price and what you get with it, I would say this is a pretty good deal. While this tractor can’t measure up to Bruder or Big Farm, what you get for the money you spend is pretty good. This toy gets a 9 out of 10 for Affordability.

Ending Thoughts

The totals for each section are:

Functionality = 3 out of 10

Durability = 8 out of 10

Realism = 5 out of 10

Affordability = 9 out of 10

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that yourself or you children enjoy their new toy. My son was a little disappointed that he could not hook any of his implements up to this tractor, but he has still got a lot of enjoyment out of it. I do recommend this toy, especially if you are on a tight budget.

If you want to check out this farm toy, it is available on Amazon.


I hope that you find this review helpful and I would love to hear back from you! I have been wondering, have any of you seen the Boley Farm Tractor Toy before?

Do you or someone you know have one of these tractors?

Leave a message in the comments and I will get back with you as soon as I can!

Thanks for reading!






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  1. What an amazing review of the Boley Farm Tractor Dan!

    Thank You my Friend for sharing and informing me of the good as well as the bad points about this toy.

    My son is now 17 and a Senior in High School, so yes, I can surely relate with You when You say that they grow up fast!

    Way too fast!

    My son is into tractors but the real ones now, I do however have a Great Nephew (My Sister’s Grandson) who is really into farm tractors and I was looking to get him one for his upcoming Birthday.

    The fact that this one doesn’t steer is indeed a huge deterrent for me as he is 8 years old and wants to drive 🙂

    I do love durability of this tractor, do You know if Boyle has or will have an updated version with steering and also towing capabilities?

    Thank You Dan for sharing & caring,


    • Dan says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the article! I am afraid that I am going to blink and my sons will be 17!
      I have not seen anything that would suggest that they are going to add a steerable axle and hitch.
      It is just like the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for.”
      I hope you find your Great Nephew a farm toy! If you want, feel free to check out my shop section on the top menu. It is full of great tractor toys, with short descriptions to help you decide!

      Thanks for commenting!

  2. Shai Shmuel says:

    Hi Dan, nice review!

    I don’t have any children, but I have 6 nephews at the ages 2-6 yrs old.

    I have never seen an a Boley Farm Tractor Toy before, it’s the first time that I heard about it.

    My nephews have some cheap tractors toys, so it is good to know that there is a category of high-quality tractor toys.

    Do you have some good recommendation about a good tractor at average price range?

    • Dan says:

      Yes, you can check out my shop section and take a look at the toy tractors there. I really recommend Bruder. They are high quality, with opening doors, steerable and you can buy implements to attach to the tractor! 

      Thank you for your comment!


  3. Lane Onson says:

    The babies grow up so fast. My son would have loved these. He’s 16 now. When he was 11, mom asked what he wanted for this 11th birthday ’cause she was gonna get him a tablet. He passed it up for a HotWheel Set. He would have loved these.

    I love children stuff.

  4. Christen says:

    Looks like a cool toy that any young guy would love! I don’t have any kids of my own yet, but will share with my friends / family who do!

  5. Heather says:

    Hey Dan! As soon as I saw the pictures of these tractors I just has to read your article. My son is 18 months and also LOVES anything cars trucks, and tractors. These do look so well-made. Looking at them I definitely thought they would be WAY more expensive. Next time its present time for one of the kiddos I will check back here 1st. Thanks again, Heather

    • Dan says:

      My sons love their tractor toys! I was really surprised how well built this toy really is for the price of it!
      Thank you so much for reading and make sure to stop back!
      Thanks again,

  6. Duncan says:

    It’s a wonder how much tractor toys have changed since I was a little boy. I’m sure that the price of such a wonderful piece of a person’s life would be measured by its functionality, realism and durability.
    They are certainly must-haves especially in the farming communities where young children can emulate their parents out working the fields.
    What a wonderful share to bring back the imaginations and work ethics of our children. What a great post!

    • Dan says:

      I was one of those children that had to emulate my dad out in the field. I had to be doing the same thing he was doing at the time. Most of my tractor toys were the same as my fathers. So yes, realism is very important to me. I love that you enjoyed the post! Make sure to check back for more reviews!!

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