The Field Kids Toy

The Half Acre
This toy is designed for 1/64th scale farm toys. This gives yourself or your children a grass field to work in! It is highly durable with a wooden frame and tough synthetic grasses. The Field can take a beating!

With The Field comes a starter pack full of accessories to let your child start playing right away. The Field comes with an old style wooden gate that opens and closes to let you get your animals and farm equipment in and out. A hedge surrounds the play set and fake grass covers the inside. It is very realistic looking.  The Field, Large set

Each set comes with a land title so you can write your child’s name on and make them proud to be land owners! These toys have received the National Parneting Product Award for 2018! I personally have never seen anything like The Field Kids Toy before and I am very impressed.

There are two sets available on Amazon, one large field and one that is half the size of the large one. They call the smaller one the Half Acre set. Both come with the accessory kits that include a tractor, wagon, animal, small fence and the land title.

The Half Acre set is available by clicking HERE! 

The Large set is available by clicking HERE!


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