Ertl John Deere 3020 Diecast Tractor

Ertl diecast rear hitch

This tractor has the Ertl diecast rear hitch. It is compatible with Big Farm implements


Bring a classic home. The John Deere 3020 is an legend in the field. First introduced in 1964, farmers fell in love with this 71 horsepower tractor. After production ended in 1972, many farmers would continue to use it for decades, because of its versatility and also durability. Today it is sought after as a popular collector item.

This  1/16th scale diecast tractor is metal with plastic wheels and exhaust stack. Has the flat top rear fenders and a detailed diesel engine. It comes with the classic diecast rear hitch. It fits all 1/16th scale Ertl diecast implements and is also works with Ertl Big Farm implements.

This is one of the rare metal tractor toys that are available and is perfect for your child or as an gift for the adult collector in the family. It is available at Amazon.


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