Experiment with toy grain cart

Subjects for my experimentThe other day my son was playing with one of his favorite toys, the Case Puma and the grain cart. (you can read my review on these toys here) As I was watching him play, an idea came to me! If you have this toy or have read my review, then you will know that this grain cart has a working auger.

When he first got this tractor and cart, my brother-in-law had the idea to put rice in it. We dumped some rice in the cart and started turning the hand knob. Almost instantly the auger jammed and we could not turn the knob any longer. The rice was too small and got between the auger blades and the auger tube, locking it up.

Nothing else was ever tried in that cart. Besides sand that my son dumped in from his sand box. As you can imagine, that did not work either.

Jump back to present day and I finally had an idea, an amazing idea that I was sure would work! Filling begains

The Idea

I do not know where this idea (or any of my ideas) come from, but this one was good! If you didn’t know, I used to get into air soft fights with my friends. I have a full automatic AK-47 air soft gun. Lots of good memories with that gun.

Now days I still have it, even though the gun doesn’t work anymore, I haven’t had the heart to throw it out. I also have around 3000 air soft BBs left as well. (Maybe now you are starting to see where this is going.)

The thought shot into my head faster than my air soft gun could fire a BB. “I bet those air soft BBs would work great in that cart!” That was the actual idea I had. I bet it sounds good to you too! See, it is a great idea!

I started digging through my old things, spending around 20 minutes before I finally located my container of BBs. I was like a child on Christmas morning, practically hopping over to my son and his toy tractor and grain cart. “What are you going to do with those, daddy?” He pointed to my plastic container of BB’s. I replied very excitedly, “I am going to put them in your Grain cart full!wagon!”

The Experiment

A smart person probably would have dumped a hand full of BBs into the cart first, to make sure it would work and then add the other three thousand BBs later. Not this guy, I went all or nothing and poured the whole container into the grain cart. I was asked by my son about how we were going to get the red plastic BBs out. “With the auger!” I said to him as I moved the wagon into position.

I did think ahead enough to put the now empty BB container under the shoot where the BBs should come out of. Looking to my son and asked him if he was ready. He nodded excitedly. I started to turn the knob that spins the auger. It turned a bit, then it went a bit further.

Then it happened, the moment that shattered my dreams for this farm toy. It jammed. I could turn it bit clock wise and counter clock wise, but would jam both ways. I sighed deeply with disappointment and carefully poured the BBs back into their container.

To get all the BBs out of the cart, I had to take part of it apart to. “Oh, that didn’t work. Did it daddy?”

“No it didn’t, buddy.” I responded as I set the container, now full with three thousand red BBs, on the desk and within reach of my four-year boy.

The Mistake

After the failed experiment, my son and I played tractors and built towers with blocks. Then we called it a day and went up stairs for supper. I really wish I had a second thought about where I set the BBs.

The next day I went to work in the morning like normal, told my four-year to be good today, then gave my wife and one year old a kiss good bye. At the end of the work day I arrive home and everything seems normal. Then my four-year old wants to go to the play room. So I pick up my baby and start to follow my oldest son to the basement. Then he said something that no parent wants to hear. “I made a little mess down there, daddy.” Ready to fill

I stopped in my tracks, Looking at him and asked what he did with that voice you use when you know that answer isn’t going to be good. “I found the little red balls that we put in my wagon the other day” I am holding my breath at this point, “and I got them ALL OVER!”

I shut my eyes and took a deep breath. Told myself how much I loved that little boy and followed him the rest of the way down stairs. Part of me was hopping he was lying to me or at least stretching the truth, but when I rounded the corner and saw the sea of red plastic BBs covering every square inch of carpet in his play area, I knew he was telling the whole truth.

The Clean up

After a good scolding, I put the baby in his walker, (which he was not impressed with, because he wanted to get down and eat the BBs.) we got to work picking up the thousands BBs on the floor. It took the better part of an hour to get them all picked up. This picture does not do it justice.

While we were picking up, I got thinking about who was more a fault here. Yes, my son knew better and it was his choice to take the BBs. Also, I was the one who left them in a four-year old reach and should have known how tempting it would be to him. So I do party blame myself for the mess.


Kids will be kids and I am sure this is something that I will bring up when he is older. Right now though I don’t want him to grow up too fast. I will put up with the messy, silly times that I have with now. Even if that means closing my eyes, taking a deep breath and tell myself I love him.

I hope you enjoyed this little story from my life with two crazy little boys and an amazing wife. If you like this, follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google +. Just click on which one you use to follow Only Farm Toys!

I am wondering, what on earth goes in that Big Farm grain cart? Does anyone know what works with that auger? Let me now in the comments or on one of the social media platforms!







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  1. Mark Piper says:

    I loved the story, I, too had farm toys growing up over five decades ago. They were all metal and my kids played with them when they went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I dare say my grandkids will play with them also.
    I hope you went easy on your four year old, I can only imagine how big his eyes got when he saw those bb’s. The imagination of a youngster is boundless and I am sure he got a big kick out of them.

    • Dan says:

      I am glad you enjoyed the story! I just had to share it. My kids play with my old tractor toys at my mom’s house.
      I did go easy on him, I more blamed myself for leaving something that tempting in his reach. Thanks for reading!

  2. very good story, entertaining enough that I read it to the end. I love playing farms with my grandson (18 months) I build them and he hides the animals. Great. Keep up the good work.

  3. Kat says:

    Oh, what a sweet sharing of your story. I enjoyed reading this post waiting to see if the BB’s worked through the toy and felt the disappointment when it didn’t work lol! A lovely way to share your play time with him, while also role modelling effective parenting when you realised the mess and stayed calm while working together to clean up! Well done on all accounts, brilliant writing style, brilliant idea, and brilliant parenting. Thanks for sharing.

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