Cheap Toy Tractors – Is It Really Worth It?

Cheap Farm ToyTractor toys are something that all children love to play with. As a parent, I have also found that giving them a tractor toy and watching how excited they get are one of the greatest joys in life.

There can be a problem for some of us when it comes to buying these toys. The problem can be the cost of them. Most of the quality toys produced by Bruder and Ertl run around the 40 to 60 dollar price. This price may have you looking at other, cheaper alternatives.

These cheap tractor toys can save you money, but do they last as long as the Bruder and Ertl? If they don’t last, then does it really save you money if you have to keep replacing your child’s toy? Let’s take a look at these cheaper toys, the pros and cons and we will find out together if it is really worth it.

Durability, Can They Take a Beating?

While I, like most of us, enjoy getting a good price on a toy, I also want them to last longer then a day. When my kids get hold of them, they will be tested. So I need a toy that can hold up to little kids playing with them. This can be an issue when it comes to cheaper brands.

Many times these cheaper alternatives are not built to the same quality that Bruder is. The plastic used is thinner and isn’t made as well. Most of the time, what breaks are where the wheels connect to the body. This is caused by children putting some of their weight on the toy when they push it around.

When the toy is built from cheap materials, it keeps your cost is low. Be warned though, with cheap construction, comes low durability as well.

What Kind of Tractor is That?

Made up brand of tractor

Now this might not bother some children, but my son knows most of the tractor manufactures. So when he got a cheap tractor toy, it was not brand specific. He asked me what kind of tractor it was. I wasn’t sure, it looked a little like a John Deere, a little Ford and maybe a little Case IH.

The toy makers save money by not buying the rights to build models of the tractor manufactures. So they make a random model and call it something along the lines of “Tractor Truck” or “Ag Vehicle”.

Like I said before, this may not bother you or your children, but for some this is a deal breaker.

Detail, Detail, Detail…

Very little detail.

As before this also may not bother you as much as other people, but there is very little detail on the cheaper tractor toys. The toys are all but void of detail. The grill is just an area painted black and the cab is lucky to have a seat.

This is another way that the toy manufactures keep the cost low, but it also takes something away from the toy. It takes away from the role-play, you lose the excitement that your children get when they see a real tractor and they exclaim “look that is a tractor like mine!”

I Can Not Afford the Bruder and Big Farm Tractors

Bruder Farm Toys

I completely understand if this is you. You are almost always going to pay at least 30 dollars for one, and for some that is hard to spend. If you can, I do encourage you to buy Bruder. They are very durable and full of features. Their toys are made from the highest quality ABS plastic and are well worth the money.

If you just can’t afford their toys, then I would point you to Ertl Monster Treads. They are a little smaller than 1/16 scale toys, but they are sturdy and come with working steering and fully functioning front loaders. Many also come with lights and sounds.

Monster Treads are monster truck like tires on the body of a tractor. They come with large, wide, soft rubber tires and they look enough like the real tractors that your children will be able to tell that their toy is modeled after it.

These toys can run up to around the 40 dollar mark, but most of them run between 10 to 20 dollars. While these are not scale models of real tractors, they are official products of John Deere and Case IH. Your children will have endless hours of fun with these tractor toys.



I want your child to enjoy tractor toys as much as I have. No matter your budget, their is a tractor toy out there for your child and you. I hope you have found this article helpful.

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  1. Hey Dan,
    Thanks for sharing, I guess u never put that much thought into the purchase of a toy. My daughter is 5yrs old and doesn’t really have any farm toys.Maybe because she is a girl amd into different things like unicorns and mermaids,I haven’t really experienced any concerns.I have a nephew not even a year old, I may have to do an experiment to see how it plays out. Good job!

    • Dan says:

      If you want, you can check out some of Ertl farm toys. I have seen pink toy tractors before, maybe she would like those?
      I got my son his first tractor toy for his first birthday and he would sit on the floor and spin the wheels. So he enjoyed his toys at a young age and I am sure your nephew will too!

  2. Kay Dee says:

    These are super cool! And you’re right – I grew up on a farm, and I would have immediately picked up that something wasn’t right with the ‘el cheapo versions, so I’m glad that there is a toy tractor out there for every budget!

    • Dan says:

      I grew up on a farm too! My four year old son spends a lot of time with his grandpa on my in-laws farm. He knows his tractors and has asked me before what kind of tractor the cheapo toy was! I just shrugged, I told him it was just a toy brand tractor.

  3. Vince says:

    Both my kids have destroyed many toys. I can say that quality has made a difference to the ones that last.
    So truck, tractors and dumpers need to be high quality for us so they last the mile.

    • Dan says:

      My boys can be quite ruff on their toys and Bruder and Big Farm have been able to hold up! The oldest tractor toy my son has, is almost 3 years old and still works! So I can testify to their quality!

  4. josh says:

    Interesting article…I like that you have broken everything down clearly. I definitely feel it is worthwhile paying a bit more in order to ensure the toy is better quality and more long-lasting as a result, especially when kids get their hands on them.

    • Dan says:

      I have found that it is better to spend a little bit more and get something that can hold up to my two young boys! Bruder has the best quality with Ertl Big Farm close behind!

  5. Brandon says:

    Nice article! My 2 and half year old son loves car, trucks, tractors, anything that has wheels on it. I love seeing his mind grow and always wanting to be near some sort vehicle. I try not to buy too expensive of toys for him because, well he is a boy and likes to destroy things but I’ll keep something like this in mind!

    • Dan says:

      I am glad you liked it! I have a one year old and a four year old, they both love tractors! My boys can be ruff with their toys, but the Bruder toys really can hold up! Also if you find Bruder too expense then take a look at Ertl Monster Treads!

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