Bruder New Holland TG285

The New Holland TG285 was built in Wisconsin, between 2002 and 2006. It comes with a 285 horsepower diesel motor and puts out 274 horsepower at the PTO. This tractor has four wheel drive and was one of the biggest tractors of its day.

The 1/16th scale New Holland TG285 by Bruder. Made in Germany, utilizing German engineering, is a true to life model. The TG285 is highly detailed toy that looks almost identical to the real thing. It also has the very innovative steering extension. This steering extension is stored in the back of the tractor and is removed, then inserted through an opening in the roof of the model. It then connects to the steering wheel in the cab, so you can steer the tractor from outside.

Opening cab doors allow you to use your Bruder Bworld action figures with this toy tractor. Also, it comes with a detachable front weight and is compatible with a Bruder front loader attachment. You can also buy this tractor with the front loader together, but I recommend buying just the tractor and then buying the front loader separate. It will save you a few dollars. You can check out the front loader here.

Also it is made from the highest quality ABS plastic to ensure durability. If you plan on giving this model to children, then you can rest assured that those kids are going to have a hard time breaking it.

It is available at Amazon!

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