Bruder New Holland T7.315

Bruder T7.315 The New Holland T7.315 is a 315 horsepower tractor that was first realized in late 2015. These power house tractors feature the Auto Command CVT transmission so you don’t have the need for shifting gears anymore. This tractor has incredible driver comfort and flexibility to preform many taskson the farm!
Detailed engine

Removable tiresBruder’s take on the New Holland T7.315 creates a very impressive farm toy. It is highly detailed with many functions to keep you or your little farmer busy and feeling like they are playing with the real thing. Opening hood reveals a detailed engine compartment and removable wheels to add to the realism.

There is a front hitch for front mounted equipment and is compatible with Bruder’s slip-on front loader. If you need to do a lot of heavy work then you can also get dual wheels for the front and rear wheels. The cab has opening doors, so you can sit your favorite Bworld figure inside. Steering extender

My favorite feature of all Bruder farm toys is the steering wheel extender. You can store it in the back of the tractor and insert it through an opening on top of the cab. It attaches to the steering wheel so you can steer the tractor from outside the cab!

This is very durable toy made from high quality ABS plastic, so it can put up with hours of ruff play. This is the perfect toy for any future farmer!

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