Bruder John Deere T670i Combine


John Deere T670i Combine is one of the top combines on the market today. It boosts more acres per day and can unload faster than its competition at 3.3 bushels a sec. It can also come with an on board air compressor and 3 quick air coupler ports for easy on-site cleaning.

Bruder 1/16th scale John Deere T670i is just as impressive as the real life combine it is modeled after. As with all Bruder products, it is made tough with strong ABS plastic that is sure to take a beating. Comes with a removable grain header and header trailer for transporting the header.

One (of many) impressive features is the level compensating header. As you push it around the header has a pendulum suspensions to go over uneven ground! The header is also powered by a friction drive, which means that when the header is lowered and it is pushed forward that the cutter spins just like in real life.

The grain tank unfolds and also comes with a white material that can be unloaded through the unloading auger by turning the red knob on the end of the auger.

The combine can be steered by a red knob on the rear of the combine. Also, has a floating rear axle for the ruff, uneven fields. The cab windows and doors are made from shatterproof plastic. The door also opens and closes to let your Bruder Bworld figure to get in and out of the cab.

The T670i is a shining example of Bruder ingenuity. No other 1/16th scale combine can offer this level of functionality. It is sure to give yourself or your children endless hours of fun!

It is available at Amazon.


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