Bruder John Deere 6920 with Tipping Trailer


The John Deere 6920 is a 150 horsepower tractor made between 2001 to 2006. It is a reliable tractor that can still be seen on many farms today.

Bruder’s John Deere 6920 is a highly detailed 1/16th scale model, made from high quality ABS plastic, so you know that it is very durable. Features an opening cab door and is compatible with Bruder Bworld figures, so you can put your own farmer in the seat! Has front and rear hitch for attaching Bruder or Big Farm implements.

The model also comes with Bruder’s steering extension. This allows the tractor to be steered through an opening in the roof. Also, this tractor is set up for dual tires and a front loader. These are not included.

This tractor toy does come with a tipper trailer. The trailer is made from the same ABS plastic that the tractor is made of, so you don’t have to worry about durability. Trailer has an opening rear door and the bed lifts up to dump. It also has a front jack to keep the trailers tongue up when unhooked from the tractor.

This 6920 tractor and trailer is available from Amazon.

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