Bruder John Deere 5115M

The John Deere 5115M utility tractor is a smaller sized tractor. It has 113 horsepower work horse, perfect for odd jobs around the farm.

This is Bruder’s model of the 5115M. It is made from high quality ABS plastics, so you can rest assured that the toy can take a beating. Has a removable weight and front hitch for front mounted implements. Also, it comes with one of my favorite features, a removable steering extension. There is a hatch in the roof that you can open and then insert into the steering wheel in the cab. Then you can steer the tractor from outside the cab!

This model also has a rear hitch and is compatible with Bruder Bworld figures, so you can put your own farmer in the cab! It has a high level of quality and durability that one comes to expect from Bruder. Also, the attention to detail is apparent with the painted engine and you can make out the controls inside the cab.

It is available at Amazon.

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