Bruder Farm Toys – Claas Rollant 250 Round Baler Review

Bruder Claas Rollant 250Welcome to my first Bruder farm toy review! If you have never heard of Bruder before, I wrote a couple other articles on them, “Ertl Big Farm and Bruder farm toys” and “Bruder farm toys – Growing competition with Ertl Big Farm“. In this review we will not be looking at a toy tractor, but a toy implement modeled after a Claas Rollant 250 round baler.

My son enjoys round baling. He has spent many hours baling up the hay or straw that is lying around his carpet fields. The other day he asked if I could play with him. When I asked him what should do, he answered by telling me that I would run the “poop spreader” and he would round bale.

I asked him where should I going to do my spreading, he told me that should I going to spread poop right behind him as he round baled. I then told him that we should at least pick up the round bales before we spread manure on the field. should I told that it would be fine to spread manure (he pronounces it banure) because he wouldn’t use his round bales, just be using his round baler.

For a while I followed him around his “field” and when we finished, he said “You did a good job, daddy!” A smile came across my face as I slowly got up off the floor, feeling all the aches and pains on the way to a standing position. Even though it is hard on my body to get down and play with him, (maybe harder to get up) I love every minute of the time I get to spend with my son.

Well, I could go on and get sappy, but I will refrain and instead get to the reason you came to this website in the first place. Let’s start the review!

Bruder Claas Rollant 250 Round Baler reviewClaas Rollant 250 and New Holland T7.270

Even though this is an implement review, we are still going to look at Functionality, Durability, Realism and Affordability. The grade scale will still be 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.

Functionality means how much of the toy is usable. For example, do the doors open, does the pickup tines spin?

Durability is how much abuse the toy can take. It will look at type of materials used to build the round baler and also how well it has held up to my son’s abuse.

Realism will take a look at how much the toy represents the real life counterparts. Does it look like a baler?

Affordability is based on the cost of this farm toy. Higher score means it is more affordable and a lower score will reflect a higher price for the toy.

You need to know an important fact. I do not work for or am I affiliated with Bruder in any way, this review is my opinion and is based on what I have seen after months of play with this Bruder toy. Alright, lets get started! Jack stand for baler


One thing you should know about Bruder farm toys is that they all come with a high level of functionality. This round baler can hold one round bale inside and the bale can be ejected from the baler by opening the rear door.

The pickup head can be lifted for transport and the tines spin when the head is lowered. Inside the small wheels on the head are gears, those gears are driven by the small wheels when the baler is pulled forward and because of the gearing it causes the tines to spin at a fast speed. Making it look like it is really running.

There is even a jack stand to hold the tongue up when it is disconnected from a tractor. With a small twist, the jack pulls up and then another small twist and it is locked in the up or transport position. Also, the sides open on the baler reveling gears and belts.

The back of the baler has a hitch for a Bruder round bale wrapper. Pickup head down and ready

The only place I would like to see more functionality is in the bale chamber. When you open the rear door to kick out the bale, you see a lot of rollers. I would have liked to see those rollers be able to spin, not stationary.

Overall I am very happy with the level of functionality, so I am giving this baler a 9 out of 10.


All Bruder farm toys are made from high quality ABS plastic. ABS is very durable plastic. It is German made and is designed for years of play! Almost everything on this toy seems very well built, very sturdy. This toy has been dropped quite a few times and it still looks good.
Broken taillight on right side

There are two places that are weak points, the taillights and the railing on the front. One of the taillights broke off, but the other side and railing is still in good shape. They do have a weak feel to them.

By far the round baler is very tough and will take a beating for a long time, so this farm toy gets an 8 out of 10 for Durability.


When it comes to realism this baler does a very good job. As I mentioned in the Functionality section of this review, the pickup tines spin at a realistic looking speed and not the same speed that you’re pulling it at.

Opening the right side panel of the baler reveals hydraulic hoses, belts and pulleys. The left shows chains and springs. They both are molded into the main body of the baler and do not really work or move, but they are a nice touch. For my son it makes it more realistic when he pretends to have a break down. He can really open the sides and see what he is working on.

It does lack some detail on the pickup head. I would like to see a few bolts, maybe a clip for holding a cover on, just a little something to give it a more realistic look. The taillights could have used some color to them, they are plain white with no red or yellow on them at all.
Round baler and straw bale

The decals look good and overall the round baler has enough detail to give it a realistic look. So this Bruder toy gets an 8 out of 10 for Realism.


With all the features this round baler comes with, the good durability and realism, it is a little surprising that at the time of this article the baler was $35.99 U.S. with free shipping through Amazon. You also get one round bale to go with it.

I feel at that price that the affordably with this baler is good and I will give it an 9 out of 10 for Affordability.

Final Thoughts

Let’s look at the scores one more time,
What a new one looks like

Functionality – 9 out of 10

Durability – 8 out of 10

Realism – 8 out of 10

Affordability – 9 out of 10    


I would recommend the Bruder 4 pack round bales as well. They are very affordable, around 13 dollars and gives your child or you a total of 5 bales!

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Did any of you have a toy round baler growing up? If not, then what was your favorite toy implement? Let me now in the comments!

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  1. This baler looks like a lot of fun to play with. I can see why kids would really love it. Maybe I will get one for my nephews for Christmas if they are still into this sort of thing by then. They change their mind so fast. This looks like a quality toy that will last quite a while. Maybe even be handed down to the younger siblings. Thank you

  2. Jennifer says:

    Great concept.

    It is so good to see what I call proper toys for children to play and learn and become creative.

  3. Chas Guevara says:

    My son was never into toys like this as a child. In fact, he didn’t like toys at all. He was into playing with movies and as he got older, anything electronic. I have a never though that likes toy cars and trucks. I’ll have to check to see if this might be something he would like. He’s a rather destructive little boy and I like the durability aspect! Thanks for posting.

    • Dan says:

      I think he would enjoy these. There is a lot of functionality to these toys that would keep him interested. They are also very durable toys that can take a beating!
      Thank you for commenting!

  4. Crystal Lim says:

    What a cute baler! Some might say a car is for a boy but I think this is absolutely perfect for every child! I just wished I had this little baler when I was little! This definitely will bring some help to me in understanding how baler works before I enrolled in my Agriculture degree (Yes, Agriculture degree!).

    • Dan says:

      These toys are detailed enough and functional enough that you can get the basics behind how they work!
      I am so excited that you are going into Agriculture. My father in-law is a cash crop farmer and he went to Michigan state university.
      If I may ask, where are you going to school?
      Thanks for reading,

  5. xSF says:

    Wow! Talk about the ultimate farm boy toy!!! When I was a kid we never had things like this that were so realistic and fully functioning to allow the child to have the real deal actually in his (my) hands. To say I am impressed is an understatement, you have got a total winner here and I can’t wait to see how your sales pan out for the Christmas season. Congratulations on an absolutely awe inspiring and innovative toy that will spark the minds of children in every community where farming is a way of life!

    • Dan says:

      The kind of toys that Bruder are making are very impressive, to say the least. I am glad you enjoyed this review, thank you for reading,


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