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  • Bruder Farm Toys – Growing Competition with Ertl Big Farm

    Many of us growing up here in the United States got holes in the knees of our pants because of Ertl tractor toys. Over the pond in Europe the same thing was happening there, just not with Ertl tractor toys, but with Bruder farm toys. Bruder is a German based toy company with a long history of making high quality… read more

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  • John Deere Tractor Toys – How Toys Sold The Real Thing

    John Deere is arguably the most iconic farm equipment in the world. Even if you have never stepped foot on a farm, most likely you recognize the jumping deer logo. You can not venture far without seeing some kind of merchandise, ranging from hats to boots, from seat covers to toys, John Deere is everywhere. How did they get so… read more

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  • History of Ertl tractor toys.

    The wonderful farm toys that myself and many of you remember playing with as kids, have a rich and interesting history. We are going to take a look at the history of Ertl Company, the company that has made hundreds of thousands of model toys. You might be surprised to find out that Ertl Company has made a lot of… read more

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  • Ertl Big Farm Toys and Bruder Farm Toys

    Those are the big two names when it comes to tractor toys for children. Growing up back in the ’80s and 90s I had my Ertl dicast tractors and implements. They were of good quality, took a beating and lasted forever. The toys I played with, I still have. In fact my sons play with them whenever they go over… read more

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  • About Dan

    Welcome to Onlyfarmtoys! My name is Dan and I made this website to help you find the right tractor toy for your child, children, grandchildren or yourself! LITTLE ABOUT ME My father owned a small dairy farm in beautiful northern Michigan. I have many memories of helping on the farm and many of them revolve around tractors! I also remember… read more

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